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Breakfast..An Important Meal to Start a Successful School Day

Children who eat breakfast at the start of their school day have higher math and reading scores, they focus and behave better, and are less likely to be absent. Food and Nutrition Services is proud to serve breakfast, at no charge, to ALL students in the Denver Public Schools. Over (140) schools serve Breakfast After the Bell which maximizes breakfast participation for ALL students. And most of the other schools in DPS make breakfast available in the cafeteria before the school bell. Schools that choose to serve “breakfast after the bell” may choose from one of the models below that best meets the needs of their students:

Schools select one of the four options described below:

Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC)– Breakfast is delivered in insulated containers to every classroom before the bell rings. Students have the opportunity to eat breakfast with their classmates during the first 15-20 minutes of their day. Schools that have successfully implemented BIC incorporate academic routines with the morning ritual of students eating breakfast together. When BIC is served, every student is able to start the school day ready to learn. Milk is served daily as is fruit and juice. Entrees are nourishing and easy to eat at a desk or table. Popular items such as cereal, bagels, string cheese and yogurt are some cold items on the menu and hot items may include a breakfast burrito or an egg and biscuit sandwich.

Grab and Go Breakfast – Grab & Go breakfast is a serving style in which students “grab” a nutritious breakfast meal as they enter school prior to the tardy bell. The meal is packed in a sack bag and students may take their breakfast to their classroom. The menu for Grab & Go is the same one as Breakfast in the Classroom. This model works well for secondary students.

Hospitality Cart – Large food carts with hot and cold entrees, juice, milk and fruit are strategically placed at locations around a school building. Students have many choices each day to select from and are encouraged to eat in the hallway by the cart or to take it to their classroom. This is a popular model for high school students who like a variety of choices for their breakfast meal.

Breakfast After the Bell in the Cafeteria – Breakfast is served in the cafeteria before and after the bell. Students who arrive at school before or after the tardy bell have the opportunity to select from a variety entrees in the school cafeteria. The menu rotates on a monthly basis and generally includes hot and cold entrees.

Breakfast After the Bell in the Office – “Breakfast in a bag” is made available in the front office for students who arrive to school after the tardy bell. Breakfast bags and fruit, milk and juice are stored in a cooler and if a child arrives to school after the tardy bell the front office team will offer a bag for the student to eat in the office or take to their classroom to ensure that all students may eat breakfast.

If you are interested in learning more about the breakfast program at your school please contact the Area Supervisor for your school using our web link to Locate your Food Services Area Supervisor.

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