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Practice Point of Sale Keypad

A popular choice among DPS students is also a healthy, well-balanced one. We offer peanut butter or Wowbutter (soy) and jelly sandwiches on our menu every day.

Why do we offer this sandwich every day? For several reasons actually:

  • Based on student feedback this is one of our most popular items.
  • It is tasty and delicious.
  • The PB&J sandwich is packed with protein, healthy fats, fiber, and many other nutrients. High in vitamins and minerals, both butters are good sources of bone-strengthening magnesium, muscle-friendly potassium, and cell-building iron.
  • This vegetarian option provides about 17 grams of protein, 20 grams of healthy fats, and 6 grams of fiber in a single sandwich.

Looking for more vegetarian options? Along with our PB&J we generally serve a daily hot vegetarian entrée like falafel flatbread, grilled Mediterranean sandwich, veggie crispy tacos, salsa black bean burger, and many new ones that have been added this last school year.

Practice Point of Sale Keypad

Each student in DPS is issued a unique student identification number. All DPS students must know their number and for returning students they usually have it memorized. We need parent assistance to help your children learn their number before school starts, especially students new to DPS and Pre-K and Kindergarten students. Students generally enter their number on a machine, referred to as the Point of Sale (POS), when they go through the breakfast or lunch serving line at their school. Feel free to download and print the POS and to practice with your child at home so they learn their number before school starts. This could be a fun 60-second activity for kids to learn numbers and to specifically know their student identification number. Thanks so much for your assistance and we look forward to seeing your child in the school cafeteria in a few weeks when school starts.

Elementary school students in the cafeteria

DPS is committed to the health and well-being of our students. In fact one of the five goals in the Denver Plan 2020 is support for the whole child because we know that our students are more likely to be successful academically if they are healthy, supported, engaged, challenged, safe and their social and emotional needs are met. Beginning in Fall 2017 DPS is making changes to the district wellness policy to ensure that all snacks provided to students during the school day meet minimum nutrition standards, basically healthy snacks that are good for our students. Basically all food and drinks that are brought to schools for classroom parties, sold in school stores, and handed out by teachers as a learning incentive, must now meet guidelines to reduce students’ consumption of high calorie foods and sugary drinks. This means healthier options like fruits and vegetables and less junk food like chips and candy for your children. And don’t worry—food sold or used for fundraisers, family night or sporting events will NOT be affected by this policy change.

School Wellness Policy ADF
School Wellness Policy ADF-R

The Summer Food Service Program provides breakfast and lunch to qualifying kids under the age of 18 at no charge throughout the summer. Adults can also take part in the summer food service program. It costs just three dollars per meal. Denver 9News covers this story here.

We in Food Services are always looking for Colorado produce to use in our recipes and to serve on our fruit and vegetable bars. In February we are featuring organic red potatoes, grown in Dolores, CO. We ordered 3,500 pounds of potatoes to serve on February 13th in a special recipe, oven browned potatoes. Have lunch with your student on February 13th to try this delicious recipe. We are Colorado Proud all school year and we are thrilled to serve these Colorado grown potatoes to our students this month.

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The 2020-2021 Free & Reduced Meal Application is now availabe for DPS families! Please click below.

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