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Something Good For Everyone!

In the late ‘90s, Maria Gonzalez had three young children and was looking for a job that would allow her to spend time with her kids. A neighbor working with Denver Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) told her they were hiring, and Maria realized it was the perfect opportunity for her family. Working in a school would mean she and her kids could be together on evenings, weekends, and holidays. But once Maria started working with FNS, she realized the job was perfect for another reason: she absolutely loved the work! “I fell in love with the position because I love being around kids,” she says. “I like the feeling of being positive for kids.”

Maria has now been the Lunchroom Manager at Newlon Elementary School for 21 years, and she loves her job more than ever. She cares deeply about her students, and strives to be as useful and helpful to them as possible. Maria’s favorite dish to serve is Chicken Penne Pasta, because it brings her joy to see how much her students like it. Ultimately, Maria aims to make each and every student feel safe, happy, and at home in her lunchroom. “I always tell my ladies, we don’t know what kind of life they have,” she says. “Sometimes just by saying ‘Good morning! How are you? Welcome back!’ we make their day, or brighten their day. That’s why I love my job.”

Something Good For Everyone

Maria Gonzalez, Kitchen Manager

Maria cherishes her relationships not just with students but with parents as well. She proudly brags, “Some of my kiddos from 20 years ago are the parents of my new babies now!” With three children, one grandson, and another grandchild on the way, Maria understands how important her role is. “As a mother, knowing that I’m serving someone’s kids — it makes me want to give the best service ever, because that’s what they deserve.”

When she’s not at school, Maria enjoys spending time in her garden, planting roses. But above all, Maria treasures the time she spends with her family. “Being around my family is the best feeling ever,” she says. “That’s what I live for.” Maria’s large extended family lives in the Denver area, and they see each other regularly for cookouts. “My mother’s house is like crazy when we all get together!” Maria laughs, “But it’s the best time.”

Maria’s love for her family is what brought her to Food and Nutrition Services originally, and in joining FNS, Maria found a new kind of family. Maria sometimes spends more time at Newlon than she does at her own house, but she says she doesn't mind at all. “We love all of the children at this school,” Maria says. “We have that connection. With the community, with the parents, being here so many years - it’s my family. I feel like I am home.”

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